Monday, May 24, 2010


Today I start my vacation.

Many of you that know me have an understanding of how significant this word is to me. Vacation. A break from work. A time to "recharge my batteries" (btw, I loathe that expression!). Time to let loose and fly. Get jiggy with it. Rock out with my cock out. Hang out with my wank out. And so on, and so on...

Sure, I've taken the occasional weekend trip here and there. The Carolinas, Georgia, even Florida. This is very different though. This is an actually planned out time away from all of the major stresses in my life. ALL OF THEM. With that being said, I will most likely be away from the Internet for most of my trip. I'm making conscious effort to stay off of Facebook and Twitter. I will also refrain from texting individuals if at all possible. I really just want to relax.

I will make an effort to post a small blog about my day just to keep folks updated about my shenanigans! So, on your mark, get set, VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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