Monday, November 1, 2010

A Halloween Costume Review

NOTE: This is a not a rag on the kids themselves. I totally blame the parents for these errors.

We've all seen this costume before:

Not a big deal really. It's the old prison uniforms. Not the best idea for a costume, but whatever. Imagine my shock and surprise when I saw your everyday school sponsored Halloween parade around the neighborhood with AT LEAST 15 little black kids in these:


What's worst? Someone at THE SCHOOL had the bright idea to use the cuff to chain them all together. They looked like a mini chain gang. It was funny and so wrong all at the same time.

Parents, I'm sure you thought the outfits were cute and/or funny, but did you ever think for a second, "Why would I want my kid to look like an escaped convict?" Sure, the same can be said for dressing your child up like any manner of the undead, but to my knowledge, those are fictional characters. In this instance, you've actually dressed your kids in something real. Something real and negative to be more specific. Just because Cousin Pookie and Uncle Nuk-nuk have been in prison longer than your child has been alive, does not make it okay for you to parade them around in an outfit like that. Futhermore, to the "Adult" that thought it was funny to chain them together. There's a special place in Hell reserved for you. I hope you get there sooner than later.

That is all.